Post Testimonial  
I was so happy here and I found a new family in India. Everything was so wonderful,the food,the massages& other treatments,the people in the resort.My heart,my body all of mine is totally relaxed and happy after three weeks in Ayurbay.Thank you a lot for all of you gave me and Iam sure to come again.
Found My Place
Well I felt like in a paradise!!! We have been traveling for few days, but I FOUND MY PLACE HERE!!! Very warm,open,friendly house,wonderful family,full of energy and positive vibrations. I can’t remember the last time I felt like this.Thank you for it. And you tried to making every body happy – even people who don’t have much money,I will never forget this experience. I’m going to tell about your place and the whole amazing family to all my friends in Poland/England/scottland/Japan.Hopefully SEE YOU SOON!!!
Positive Experience

Dear Lalitha &family, Thank you for the arrangement of the nice trip in India.We learned a lot about this country and its people.And we met a lot of peaceful and friendly people.This was a good experience for us.We also had a good time with you and enjoyed your treatments.We hope we can develop the Ayurvedic ideas for us at home. Special thanks for the good and tasty food and the nice and friendly staffs.We enjoyed this very much.

To meet you, Lalitha, was a special and positive experience. Your power and your feeling all things happened make us feeling good as at home. Thanks for this, for your work and your social engagement. We wish you all the best, keep your power special wishes for your family also for the resort.

This really is heaven on earth-the wonderful resort with its paradise like environment. Just being one with the ocean,  One with the sun and sand,  One with kind and friendly people.  Thanks to all for your kindness and the best treatments.
By Chance
We came by chance; we didn’t know that we will be so happy here. You prepared a perfect place for us to feel comfortable, pleasant and happy. Every one here was very nice and polite. We thank you all of your kindness and your best treatment. We will sure meet again.

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